Oct 26, 2009

Sando Calrissian

Before my wife and kids left for Paris seven weeks ago and before I began living out of my industrial workspace I sat down on what were my front porch steps. I sat there with my five year old daughter and enjoyed one of the finest sandwiches of my life. My wife had read a recipe for this creation that included a parsley chive mayo and bacon. Though it also called for fresh whole sardines we made due with the old faves, King Oscar brisling sardines. Two effing Layer!
Now I apologize about the poor photo quality and that perhaps the photo of the said sandwich may not appear too appetizing but believe you me. It was absolutely delicious. Yes!


Jonny Hamachi said...

Bacon and a Tin on a Big Roll, well played, Sir, very well indeed.

You have raised the bar,

and let it loose in town.

DachsieGuy said...

Did you cook the sardines in the bacon fat or just use them out of the tin? The recipe talked about getting fresh sardines. Wondered what you did.

oldschooly said...

Yeah, despite what the recipe called for those fish went straight from the can to the sandwich.

sardineking said...

That sounds fantastic. The only substance in the world that can improve the flavor of something that is already perfect is BACON.

Sashimi said...

I know KO Tiny Tots have a good rep as far as easily sourced tins go, but the last couple times I've had them I was rather disappointed. They were really, really soft and broke apart and got all mushy (in an unappetizing way) with the slightest agitation from my fork.

In my experience the crosspack (in the gold wrapper) is the best quality that KO offers.

I'd be really curious to hear from long-time KO consumers whether they noticed any difference in taste or texture when production shifted from Norway to Poland. I was told by a KO representative the the fish are still sourced in the North Sea and then transported on ice, by truck, to the processing plant in Poland. I have to imagine that it's not the same as when the boats unloaded the fish directly to the processing plants in Norway. Damn those high Norwegian labor costs!


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