Society for the Appreciation of the Lowly Tinned Sardine

Feb 28, 2023

Tin Turner

 Well, it won't stop raining so I guess it's time to turn over the tins. Always recommended to the connoisseurs and hoarders alike. Get the oils going the other way for awhile.

Damn, 63 tins, I guess it's time to pop a tin. The Wife is zooming in her home office so she might miss out again.

Conservas de Cambados (Tins of Cambados) Small Sardines in Olive Oil

On the front label it says "Fresh From Galica", on the back label it says "Best Before 31 Dec 2017"!!

But I have rotated my tins almost every sometimes and these smelled great upon opening!

We had lunch yesterday and the Best Jewish Noshery in the North Bay and as usual ordered way to much food so we brought home half a Chopped Liver Sandwich which I disassembled for today. La Panzanella cracker, toast points, kosher dill, lemon,and the beautifully spicy Ed Fallot dijon. A HenHouse - Avian Surveillance Division IPA really brought the room together.

After all this time Quality Tins hold up! Ten sweet babies in clean oil. Devoured those quickly and found ten more underneath. 20 cuties.

Very clean, mild flavor. Still have a fine texture. I wish I had a fresh tin to compare them to. Might have softened up a little given the age but not to any detriment. I am happy.

Five years after expiration and none would be the wiser. Five Tins! If I see these around I will buy another. 

Oh $hit! That explains a lot. lol

That being said I will be throwing away at least half a dozen tins because they just don't look the part. Cheap tins from dark and dusty corners of the world. None have puffed out yet but supplies are plentiful and I don't see any reason to open them. I am experienced.

Alright. Well. Call me. Let's have lunch.

Sep 22, 2021



Ortiz Sardinas a la antiqua en aceite de oliva

"In 1891, Bernardo Ortiz de Zarate founded in Vizcaya (Spain) Conservas Ortiz. Since then, five generations have overseen the family business and continued to advance the artisanal and traditional fishing and processing techniques of Bernardo. From the beginning, Ortiz has dedicated itself to the preparation of the highest quality canned seafood. Today the Conservas Ortiz label is one of the most recognized labels in the world for tuna, anchovies and other related specialty canned fish, its products sold in over 40 countries."

On the back label of the JAR is a date of creation and this:

    "The Ortiz Sardines are elaborated with fresh fish. They are cleaned by hand one by one and fried in olive oil following a traditional recipe. Sardines improve their taste over the years, making them taste unctuous and delicate."

And they ain't cheap. 

I plated up the jar just for an afternoon delight, grabbed the Tobasco Brothers, Green & Red, and planned to offer some to the Wife. She was on the phone too long so I hid the evidence quickly.

Solid, large, delicious. Four out of five tins.


Apr 3, 2020

Teaching and Learning in Covid-19

"Going through some old memories, and I came across this poem I wrote in 3rd grade. I actually remember the shape of the paper was meant to resemble a sardine tin. My opinion of sardines has since shifted. 'sardines, sardines; not bad at all...'"
- Britt, Member since 2010

"This is not business as usual and it is unethical to act as if it could be. No one can (or should) expect the Covid-19 schooling happening at home to be anything close to usual, and perhaps this moment is providing all of us a chance to do something different: learn to be." - AJC

"learn to be" Ain't that the truth. Folks and families under Shelter In Place advisories and requirements, trying to stay sane, somehow seem normal. But this is a chance. A chance to take responsibility for ourselves and our people. A chance to do something different, to think outside the tin.

If you are a parent and you are reading this I would like to think your children are developing the skills to Appreciate. That you are taking the time to help them understand what they are eating and why it's delicious. This time together will be memories that they will flash back to whenever they pop a tin throughout their long lives.

For parents that haven't taken up the challenge of training our next generation with this very important tool for survival, that haven't been able to have to sit down with their children and enjoy a tin, I understand, it is an acquired taste to be sure and children can be... well, you know.

So here is a lesson plan to help!

From here you are on your own.

Please. Stay Healthy. Stay Home. Teach your kids about the Society. 

We don't have an age minimum but the Society is Rated R

Mar 21, 2020

"money first and human after ...." - 71LD


I wish we were meeting under better circumstances. All stocked up, hunkered down. It's time to take inventory, of many things.

This is a conversation with a person I play chess with online. They live on the other side of the planet. 

Strange times call for strange tins. I have been sitting on this tin for a long time. I don't know where I got it but it does have a Dean & Deluca price tag. Did I pay that? Would I pay that? Are they still open? Maybe. Mostly I don't look at price tags when food shopping. Drives the Wife crazy. Usually I don't know how much I paid or where the receipt is. Sucks when the price is still so obvious. Like big chunks of beef or fish, the price is on till you open it. Gets me in trouble every time.

But this is a very special tin. A Vintage Tin. So special they put a Vintage on it. Cellaring tins is a thing. Yup. With aging a worthy tin will mellow and develop nuances that hopefully will be delightful and delicious. The tins should be turned over every six months and kept at an evenish temperature. Spikes in temperature, up and down, could ruin anything (beer)(wine)(guitars)(sardines), slow changes are fine.

Just make sure it's worthy of shelf space to begin with. Those tins in that last post were scary to look at after so many years. Look at it too hard and POP! your pantry will never smell the same again.

Connétable is one of the finest producers of tinned fish in the world. They have understanding. 

"Cette boite d'exception fait partie d'une serie limitee. Tous les ans, je modifie son illustration."

"This exceptional tin is part of a limited series. Every year, I change its illustration."
Quoted from the lid. 

They release a few different tins. This being the "exceptional". Sadly the sticker covers the rest but it's headline is "PLAIN SARDINES VINTAGE in premium extra virgin olive oil". 

"Millésime 2007" It's 13 years old. The Wife is concerned.  I predict they will be fine smelling and tasting, the outstanding olive oil infusing the fish, creating a rich and tender love bite. Just like all Love Bites should be. We shall see...

Plated with water crackers, dijon, house made pickled sweet onions, and Herbes de Provence. No time to preplan such an appetizer, I was inspired this afternoon and I only leave the house to walk the dogs, a rule to survive by. 

The olive oil is a bit cloudy, which is to be expected. Thirteen year olds always seem a bit cloudy. 

Six beauties. Super Clean Smell. I straight up tasted the olive oil and I should make a dressing out of it.

It definitely mellowed on the brininess but they are still sardines and really it does not want or need dijon. A light sprinkle of herbs and one or two pickled onion slivers brought it all together nicely.

These were great!  I'm and glad we opened them today. It's really tough out there for a lot of people and this gave me hope. Espérer. Hope for the future. When we look for people to lead us the top of the list should be empathy. Five Tins!

empathy noun
:the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner

also: the capacity for this

Our French friend's leader does not have "empathie", our leader does not have empathy. 

Please, have understanding, stay home, stay healthy, open a tin, tell us how you do.

Jesse Judies

ah shit.

do I collect empty tins now? (heavy sigh)

May 25, 2019

We Fear Change

Well, after 20 years we are moving and so I'm packing up all the tins.

I've always belived that tinned sardines should last. These have not. They are puffed and when I shake them they sound loose and wet. Ew.

They are large round tins that probably had a nice clock like display when opened. I'm guessing smaller fish and I'm a bit sad I have failed these tins and I have failed you.

"But I'll live on, I'll be strong, cause it just ain't my cross to bear, it's not baby." - G. Allman

Not going to open them. Not going to try them. Not going to smell them. Not going to.
Zero tins. They got to go.


Maybe, we'll see.

I have a lot of tins to tell you about, many things to discuss.

Nice to see you, thanks for coming.

Jan 27, 2013

Mail Bag

Hi there - I was researching sardines (what else?) and came across
your very interesting and informational website. What a collection of

Great photos of the meals too. I noticed the serving device- a
spatula? with the fish cutout and it intrigues me. Is that a recent
purchase? I'd love to add one to my collection - would appreciate it
if you could provide any information on where I might be abe to
locate. I'm aware of sardine forks but nothing with a flat surface.

Thanks in advance-


We've talked about Sardine Forks and other Appliances and then there is this.

Key 1

I don't know where I got this or if it is Sardine Specific but it is for opening tins. When it comes apart into two pieces the handle piece has a groove to grip a tin top and the triangle at the other end is for turning leverage. The triangle is not a bottle opener. Also cast into the triangle is "Made in England"

Key 2

I think Mama Sherry foraged this out of a thrift store.
Thanks Vee.

Dec 14, 2012

The Simple Life

I ran out of gas.
I... I had a flat tire.
I didn't have enough money for cab fare.
My tux didn't come back from the cleaners.
An old friend came in from out of town.
Someone stole my car.
There was an earthquake.
A terrible flood.


What would You have me plate?

This box from places unknown?
Box of Love
Something from the Shelving Unit?
These few tins from deep inside the Shoulder of Canada?
I brought these back myself and was amazed that they traveled in my carry on. I had completely forgot Guideline #33 which clearly states that when traveling across boarders with contraband tins always check them through.

I will not delight you with wondrous tins from faraway places tonight. I shall keep it simple. Take it back down a notch and taste it old school. There was a time, back before the yelptastic cable tv driven foodie revolution that it was just food.

Cousin Angelo
Columbus Calabrese, Carr's Poppy & Sesame, and some Wisconsin Sharp I had to clean the mold off of, plated on a cheap cutting board. Shut it.

The tin is a simple Angelo Parodi. OK. It is actually a tin smuggled back from Italy by my great friend Andre but You can get these here and we have tried them before. It's PROBABLY just the same as U.S. Tins (maybe).

And of course a Heretic Shallow Grave Porter is in order.

Cousin Angelo 2
These are two big monsters in a clean oil with a fine texture.
These are the 3 Tin standard when it comes to big fish.
These are a refresher course.
These are something You should try so as to acclimate your palate.


I've got a box of tins sourced within our great United, and I shall enlighten Ye of little faith. Given time and beer all shall be revealed.

Sep 18, 2012

Old Landmark

The wealthy and aging Jonny Hamachi, accompanied by his entourage of personal aides, began moving from one hotel to another, always taking up residence in the top floor penthouse. During the last ten years of his life, from 2016 to 2026, Hamachi lived in hotels in Beverly Hills, Boston, Las Vegas, Nassau, Freeport, Vancouver, London, Managua, Acapulco, and others.
Howard Hughes ain't got nothing on me.

I'm just hiding out behind my stacks and stacks of tins.

We're putting the Society back together.

Jan 19, 2012




Halifax, Nova Scotia - January 9, 2012 – Most people have tried them at least once and we often claim to feel squeezed like one. Some people eat them daily while others can’t stomach the smell or their texture. They pack a healthy punch of omega 3 fatty acids and mega doses of vitamin D. Love or hate them, sardines are one amazing fish.

The Last Sardine Outpost is a half hour documentary that explores the last remaining sardine processing plant in North America located in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick. The survival of Connors Bros. cannery and the associated fishery defies the odds and is due primarily to the resourcefulness and determination of the 900 residents of this tightly knit coastal community.

The film reveals the world of sardines: from the pristine waters of the Bay of Fundy to the fishing boats that deliver their silvery bounty to the cannery, and from the bustling processing line to store shelves around the world.

The Last Sardine Outpost is written and directed by Latonia Hartery and produced by Edward Peill from Halifax-based Tell Tale Productions Inc.

“This story is all about heart. The people in Blacks Harbour are doing everything possible to keep a 120 year old industry alive - it’s very impressive,” says director Latonia Hartery. “The community is very passionate about maintaining its way of life and if anyone can adapt and make it work it’ll be them.”

In 2010, facing cheaper imports from Asia and South America, the last sardine cannery in the United States closed its doors. This catapulted Connors Bros. into the position of North America’s last remaining – and the world’s largest - sardine processor. Blacks Harbour is hailed as the “Sardine Capital of the World” but the longevity of that title is uncertain. The company was recently sold to a group of UK venture capitalists. The future of the cannery – and the entire community – now hangs in the balance.

The Last Sardine Outpost will be broadcast on CBC Television’s Land & Sea on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 12 Noon. Following the broadcast, the documentary can be watched on the CBC TV website at: Land & Sea. Land & Sea is one of CBC’s longest running TV series and can be followed on Twitter: @cbclandandsea

That's this coming Sunday so get your viewing party organized. Now that the Packers dropped the ball football season is over anyways.

Jan 10, 2012

Travel Advisory - UPDATE: CLOSED

A travel advisory is a public notice issued by the Society to provide information about the relative sardine availability when travelling to or visiting one or more specific foreign destinations. The purpose is to enable travelers to make an informed decision about a particular travel destination, and to help travellers prepare adequately for what may be encountered on their trip.

Portland, Oregon USA
While travelling North to the Hawthorne region of Oregon we chanced upon one small counter with a few tables.
The Gallego at Evoe
Where they served The Gallego - sardine, fennel and hot pepper slaw on a toasted ciabatta roll. Angelo Parodi, the tin de jour, decent, fine for sandwiches.

It was delicious! As was everything else the five of us devoured that rainy afternoon with two bottles of Castello di Verduno Bianco. The food and service were top notch. Gotta come up with a Society Approved Sticker they can put in their window.

Plan your trip accordingly.

Contact or Contribute, if you want. Do a good job and we might put it on here, but no promises, okay?

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